As With Your Vision, We Can Help

Joe Dust | Hearing Instrument Specialist Largo FL | Clearwater FLAt Lee Shettle Eye & Hearing,  we are constantly seeking to add important services for our patients that will enhance their quality of life. Because of the strong connection between vision and hearing, we are pleased to now offer a full range of hearing services exclusively for our patients through our Hearing Center – a convenient, private and comfortable setting at our local office.

Dual Sensory Wellness

Joe Dust | Hearing Instrument Specialist Largo FL | Clearwater FL

Our hearing program is one element of providing patient care for dual sensory wellness – the dual senses of vision and hearing. It’s all part of supporting a healthier lifestyle and to enhance our patients’ quality of life. Vision and hearing are often recognized as our two most important senses. Unfortunately, both tend to fail as we age. Additionally, a majority of adults haven’t had a hearing test in decades. So to assist our patients, Lee Shettle Eye & Hearing has added hearing care services because a majority of adults who suffer from hearing loss are unaware they have a hearing decline. Catching changes early can save or help preserve hearing – just as it does with vision

We would like to introduce our Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist, Joe Dust

Joe Dust has been a Licensed Hearing Aid Specialist with the State of Florida Department of Health for over 20 years.  He has successfully fitted over 2000 hearing aids in this area and is qualified to fit the latest technology in a variety of the better brand of hearing aids.  Joe Dust is a Veteran USMC.  He has been married 46 years, has 3 daughters and 8 grandchildren with whom he enjoys spending time with when he is not engaged with patients at our practice.